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Welcome to Southwestern Materials, Inc., On the Web.  If you are looking for a cost effective way to seal your leaking pond, plug a leaking dam, or seal retention ponds and industrial lagoon areas; you have come to the right place.  Seal it right with Sodium Bentonite!  Sodium bentonite is a natural earthen sealant that is environmentally safe with no chemical additives.


Southwestern Materials, Inc. is a Texas based supplier of Sodium Bentonite Clays.  We provide processing, bagging and warehousing of high quality sodium bentonite clays.  Some of the many uses for sodium bentonite are:  sealing of earthen stock ponds, recreational ponds, retention ponds and golf course water hazards; coring of dam structures, water barrier cut off walls (slurry wall) and land fill liners.

Southwestern Materials also supplies Sodium Bentonite in a granular form for the sealing and casing of water wells.  We also produce bentonite chips and pellets for the plugging of environmental test holes and abandoned well holes.

Many ponds composed of a variety of soils types are prone to water loss due to pores soil, downward water pressure on the bottom depths of the pond, side seepage and improper dam coring.  This water loss can be controlled with an application of sodium bentonite clay.  Sodium bentonite clay is very dense high swelling volcanic ash clay swelling 10 to 12 times its dry size when wetted with water.  This is an environmentally safe product that has NO chemical additives and is 100% safe for fish, live stock, wild life and aquatic plants.


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