A Texas Bentonite Supplier You Can Rely On

As a leading bentonite supplier, we at Southwestern Materials make it a point to provide our clients with the information they need to make important decisions regarding pond sealant and other sodium bentonite products. We provide key information through our website, and we are available to answer potential questions about our products, their uses, and more. The advice we give to each of our customers is tailored to their circumstances. As an experienced bentonite supplier, we allow our clients to harness the knowledge and experience of our staff in this industry.

Texas Bentonite Supplier

Texas Sodium Bentonite Supplier

If you have questions regarding pond sealant or other sodium bentonite uses or want to learn more about what a bentonite supplier can do for you, you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us directly using the information below so that you can receive one-on-one advice that is both accurate and comprehensive.

Southwestern Materials, Inc.
P.O. Box 1270
Manchaca, Texas 78652
Warehouse Location: Austin, Texas

Phone: 512-280-7801
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A Bentonite Supplier with Knowledge & Experience

Texas Bentonite Supplier

There are many benefits to contacting us directly and speaking with our bentonite supplier staff. While you can of course easily request a quote online using our website, you can also do so while speaking to our staff. By speaking directly with us, the accuracy of your quote can be increased by allowing you to provide more context, as well as to clarify any points where you may be unsure.

You can also talk to our bentonite supplier staff about the different kinds of bentonite products that we offer our clients. After all, certain types of sodium bentonite are more appropriate for particular uses. For example, bentonite pellets tend to be more effective if you are using the sprinkling method to seal your pond. Our staff can compare and contrast the different products, and advise you on which ones are best fit for your particular project.

Our staff can also provide you with additional guidance on how to go about applying the sodium bentonite at your construction site to achieve the best results. This can be particularly helpful if this is the first time your company will use this product in your project. However, this is also useful even for those firms that regularly use sodium bentonite clay on their sites. The depth and breadth of knowledge of our bentonite supplier staff will allow you to get the most benefit out of the pond sealant or bentonite that you purchase.

A Bentonite Supplier That Makes Things Easy for You

Texas Sodium Bentonite Supplier

In addition to being a bentonite supplier available to answer all of your questions, Southwestern Materials also takes other steps to make things as easy and streamlined as possible for our customers. For example, we can deliver our bentonite products to our clients nationwide. For clients who would rather pick up the pond sealer directly, this can be done at our Texas mine as well as at our warehouse in Austin, Texas.

Learn More About What a Bentonite Supplier Like Us Can Do for You

For more information on what we can do for you as a bentonite supplier, please get in touch with us directly. You can call us at 512-280-7801 or toll-free at 888-600-6077. Our staff would be happy to answer your questions and provide the information you need. You can also request a bentonite pond sealant quote online through our site.

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